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Improve Bundler Cli

layout: post title: Improve Bundler CLI date_string: 29 August 2016 —

Learn another programming language.

Learn from another programming ecosystem.

Learn from another programming language’s tools and bring it back to the language you love.

Fact is, I love Ruby!

However, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Node.js lately. NPM provides a nice way to install any new packages straight from the command line, like:

npm install react --save

I like this convenience.

With an intention to improve Ruby’s ecosystem and tools, I would like to bring this to Ruby.

So, I’ve added a new issue to Bundler. Let’s see what others feel about it.

Update - 31 August 2016

I had a couple of responses for my Bundler issue and it turns out there is indeed a way to add gems via bundler’s CLI.

You can use the inject command like this:

bundle inject pg 0.18.4

You have to specify the exact version that you want to add though.

Next version of Bundler is going one better and will expose add command that will add the gem without needing a version number.