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Dont Blindly Follow Blog Posts

layout: post title: Don’t blindly follow blog posts date_string: 06 October 2016 —

Technlogy changes fast!

And it’s a blatant fact.

And with changing technology opinions, benchmarks and blog posts become obsolete, fast.

I was reading a blog post recently about adding some performance related gems to improve rails’s performace. It’s a very nice, detailed article with benchmarks.

Instead of just blindly adding the suggested gems to the project, I ran the scripts again and found that:

  • escape_utils gem makes things worse on ruby 2.3.1 and rails 5, so no point in adding it.
  • fast_blank gem, on the other hand, makes things slightly better, so definitely worth adding. With slightly better I mean you are able to make more requests/sec.
  • je and jemalloc gem didn’t install for ruby 2.3.1 at all.

Well, the point of this short blog post was to make you aware that blog posts go out of date and sometimes it’s necessary to re-evaluate the findings and ensure you are adding the gems for the right reasons.

Hope it helps!