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RSpec Verifying Doubles

RSpec 3 has been full of some good stuff and I have full admiration for the people behind it. Even the upgrade process was well thought out keeping in mind the end users. As developers, we are used to handle poor upgrade process pretty well, but RSpec totally changed my opinion.

Whilst merging pull request for TextRazor, I decided to upgrade the gem to RSpec3. I was meant to do that for sometime anyways, and the pull request opened up the perfect opportunity for it. I stumbled upon a very interesting new feature in RSpec3, called verifying doubles. This functionality makes rspec-fire totally obsolete. It verifies that any methods being stubbed would be present on the instance of the class being stubbed and also the number of argument the method accepts. This is pretty cool. I always used rspec-fire to make sure that my stubbed method existed on the class. In the light of these updates, I removed rspec-fire as a dependency from TextRazor. Makes it even more lightweight.

Thanks again to RSpec team!